Friday 17 May 2019

Desert Flowers & UFO's

I’m just home from a magical trip to Sedona Arizona, where the desert is in bloom. Catherine Varga is still there and will be back in time for our next event. Let me give you a little taste of what happened in Sedona and why you’ll want to be at our next event on May 23rd.

In 1980 strange lights were seen beside a military base in Rendlesham Forest, England. This incident has become widely recognized as “Britain’s Roswell”. The officers who were sent to check it out found what appeared to be a spacecraft. On the side of the spacecraft, they could see symbols and one of the officers reached out and touched them. He was immediately downloaded a huge amount of binary code, which he didn’t understand. 20 years later when the 16 pages of code were translated, it was found to reveal the coordinates of 7 locations around the world, 5 on land. The first location on land is in Sedona.

How I was even guided to this information, never mind how we got there, is a story in itself! Along with Cindy Chapman, a top Sedona luxury Real Estate Agent and our guide Robert, Catherine and I followed the footsteps of Andrew Collins, of the Ancient Aliens TV Show, to the off-trail Sedona coordinates. Andrew had been there only days before us and less than 24 people have actually been to this site!

Along the way, we received spiritual messages and experienced a powerful activation that ascended our vibration and our spiritual gifts.

Since last week when we received the activation I continue to feel changes, spiritually I’m stronger and more confident, I see energy blocks even faster and my healing voice is much more powerful. Physically, I experienced a release of scar tissue in my arm. I had broken my elbow in an accident when I was 19 and its movement had been impacted since then. I felt the release; the restriction is now gone and I can fully extend my arm. Coincidence? I don’t believe so.

That is just a taste of the activation Catherine and I will be sharing on May 23rd, Activate Your Inner Intuitive. Come and join us in Toronto and receive the activation of your spiritual gifts that we experienced in Sedona and more!




Friday 3 November 2017

Messages & Musings – Making a Decision?

The Archangel Gabriel is a big part of my life and the bearer of messages for both my clients and myself. We speak daily J. The message that came forward strongly this week was about trust and making decisions.

This week Gabriel continued to share that TRUST is about knowing that there are no “wrong” decisions. The only thing in our lives that really slows us down is allowing doubt to stop us from making any decision at all.

Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever been in a place in your life where you have 2, 3 or even more options and you freeze because you don’t know what to do?

Here are 3 things I do to move me through the stuckness!

Become clear about the outcome you desire
When you are clear about what you wish to create you begin to project the energy of it. Your thoughts, words and actions will be in alignment with that outcome and, like magic, you begin to attract the people and situations that create that outcome.

Focus on visualizing the best possible outcome
Instead of focussing on the "what if’s" or a negative outcome (this promotes lots of self-doubt and worry about the result of your decision) visualize the best possible result and feel the positive emotions that come with that.

Ask the question, “If I had all the money and time I wanted, which decision would make me the happiest?”
When you feel a lightness around a life choice that is a confirmation that it is a better decision for you. The more you step in the direction of what makes you feel good the more events and situations you will attract to continue to make you feel good.

When we make decisions, we start our energetic ball rolling. Once you are rolling the momentum of that energy keeps you going. If you start thinking you can’t do it and come to a stop you are throwing the energetic brakes on everything you want to happen and it takes much more energy to start your forward momentum again.

Trust that you are being led in the right direction and that you are protected in the result. Things might not turn out the way you expect but the next step to your future will be revealed.

Where your focus goes – your energy flows! Let’s keep the energy of success and well-being flowing!


TransformationALL Life Coach
Founder, Sound Reiki Institute