Monday 22 June 2015

Do Pets Reincarnate?

This is a remarkable story of love. My brother Doug had a dog named Bandit who was his best friend and went everywhere with him. Bandit had a little girlfriend, Cocoa, a black lab next door that he played with all the time and they were together whenever Doug went up the cottage. Sadly Bandit passed away earlier in the year and Doug was devastated.

Around that time Cocoa was bred and a few weeks after Bandit passed she was expecting! Cocoa had a beautiful litter of pups, some black and some the sandy colour of Bandit. Doug began posting pictures on Facebook of the puppies and all his friends were encouraging him to get one, sure enough he picked a little black puppy that he called Benny.


Benny is the sweetest, most affectionate puppy and Doug loves him. This is so nice, BUT, the story doesn’t end there! Last month he posted a pic of Benny and one of his friends commented on how you could just see the love in Benny’s eyes.

Doug had taken the picture with his phone and was compelled to pull the picture up on his computer and what he saw when it was enlarged blew him away! He immediately sent me the picture and asked me what I thought. I was amazed, getting chills up and down my arms and I began to receive a message for Doug that he and Bandit had been together for many lives. Bandit had always been at his side to love and protect him and would always be with him! The message came with so much love I found it almost overwhelming!


When you enlarge the picture you can see Bandit in Benny’s eye. There is no picture of Bandit hanging anywhere in the house so it is not a reflection. And I know my brother - it is not Photoshopped!

There is so much more to life than we can possibly comprehend. I believe that souls never die and this is physical proof of spirit.

Would love to see your comments below, what do YOU think?


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