Saturday 29 July 2017

Messages and Musings - In Joy

This is the last week before I move to my new home and I find myself appreciating this space I’ve been living in, in a whole new way. Knowing you will never be somewhere again certainly opens your eyes to being present and in the moment.

I had felt that I was trapped in a suburban concrete jungle and couldn’t wait to move but as it comes down to final days, I start taking my time in the morning. I get up, walk out to the balcony and say good morning to the most gorgeous flowers that I planted at the beginning of the summer. They have flourished here where the sun shines most of the day and the reds, purples, pinks and whites tumble over each other to stand out against the sky. I don’t even see the building across the road any more. Blue Jays, crows, robins and seagulls sing and call constantly, if I closed my eyes I could be in the country.

Law of Attraction, what I give my attention, energy and focus to I attract to myself. The more beauty I experience – the more beauty I find to pay attention to!

This morning I woke early and saw peach and fuchsia beginning to streak across the horizon. I quickly made coffee and headed to the lake only 5 minutes away. As I watched the sun rise over the hazy city in the distance, I reconnected with my Self. I walked along the shore while the waves crashed onto the rocks and in 5 minutes I felt alive, fresh and excited about the day.

I had gotten in the habit of jumping on my computer first thing in the morning and that had been setting the tone for my days. Once locked in to email and social media there always seems to be something else to do in front of a screen. Life had sucked me in again and, in a way, I think I lost myself to the doing. The more I did the less I allowed myself to just be and find the peace in that.

My message today was to SEE, I mean really see what was right in front of me, flowers, clouds, birds, the sun. APPRECIATE, with gratitude, the blessing of each beginning day and all that it brings. Feeling the JOY in that is a reminder that every moment is a gift and you decide how you are going to feel in it. 5 minutes showed me how my day could be shifted.

Today I choose to remember this feeling when I’m tempted to allow myself to be sucked into some kind of drama (and I will tempted J). Today I choose to stay in joy and enjoy my day.

In Joy


Heather Hannan
TransformationALL Life Coach
Founder Sound Reiki Institute

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